When I left my previous job after years of working for one of the largest rescue charities in the UK, I wanted to set up a bespoke service as I know all dogs and owners are different and their needs and expectations need to be considered.
I've worked with a lot of different breeds and temperaments and I understand the complexities of dogs and what they need to feel comfortable and safe.

My approach is to take things at each dogs pace, meet with owners beforehand to discuss services fully and allow the dog(s) to get to know me as I get to understand them.

All services are bespoke to client and dog, with consideration to the dogs breed type, temperament, age and health needs.

No behaviour or health issue should stop owners finding a service to fit and I hope Doggy Decadence can provide the care you've been looking for.

DOG WALKING (Bearwood, Quinton, Harborne, Edgbaston, Oldbury)
* solo household walks *
£11.50 - 30 minutes
£16.50 - 45/50 minutes
£17.50 for 2 dogs from same household walked together for 45/50 minutes
Out of area walks and dogs with specific behavioural needs will be subject to extra charges- to be discussed and agreed at initial meet and greet session.
Weekend and B/H walks subject to a £2 surcharge 

(minimum 2 hours)
Standard rate - £10 per hour including a walk
Nip in visit/Feeding (quotes depend on timescale)

DOG/HOUSE SITTING (only available up to a max of 30 minutes travel time from West Birmingham)
* dogs will need to be comfortable being left for a few hours during most weekday bookings *
Starting from £50 a day for dogs with average needs and £55 a day for dogs with specific behavioural needs.
Mileage maybe subject to extra charges if jobs are at distance 
Getting to know you sessions available- 
Free first visit to discuss needs (non obligatory) and then £10 per session (1 hour)

All bookings are invoiced and payable by Bank Transfer or PayPal
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